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Artezza Curators is not just an agency but a passionate advocate for the creative brilliance of female artists worldwide. We are dedicated to promoting and showcasing their extraordinary work on a global stage. Through our careful curation, strategic marketing, and expert consulting, we aim to elevate the value of their art and expand their reach to discerning buyers and collectors.

At Artezza Curators, we believe in the transformative power of artistic expression, and we provide a distinguished platform for female artists to showcase their talent and connect with a thriving community of art enthusiasts. We celebrate the rich diversity of backgrounds and cultures, fostering an environment that embraces and honors their unique voices. 


We introduce talented emerging artists, re-ignite existing careers and construct an engaging art community via collaboration. 

Creating Beautiful Spaces

 Discover a curated selection of handpicked female artists specializing in various styles, from abstract and pop art to realistic and impressionist techniques. Step into a world where textile art and art rugs add a touch of unparalleled beauty and sophistication to your surroundings. Immerse yourself in the realm of these talented visionaries as they bring their unique perspectives to contemporary decor styles whether it’s 3D art, textiles or visual art. From minimalistic and expressive to traditional and contemporary art styles, our diverse offerings cater to all discerning tastes. Explore our collection and unlock extraordinary possibilities for transforming your space with truly exceptional pieces that seamlessly blend aesthetics and innovation. Welcome to our exclusive artist collective!


A bright colored modern photo collage of a woman in pink, yellow, magenta, lime green done by artist Gabrielle Benot. Rich saturated colors
A colorful equine art photo collage of an african american fashion model with a white horse done by artist Gabrielle Benot

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"I wanted to wake up every day and feel happiness in my space. After I paid consultants a large sum and didn't get the design I was looking for I came to Artezza. They support extremely talented female artists and delivered results beyond my wildest dreams. Not only do I love what I see every day, but I feel great knowing what my project supports. 10 out of 10!"

— Simon Roberts

"I didn't know what to expect when I called Artezza. What I found was a whole world I didn't even know existed. Their work is literally out of this world.

— Michael Saylor

Art is how to enjoy your surroundings.


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