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Black and white portrait of a woman with red lips decorated with artistic red stripes done by artist FemageArt

Growing a successful career as a female artist can be a challenging and overwhelming experience. Not only must the artist perfect her craft, but she must also learn to operate as a business, promoting and selling her work. Developing a position in the competitive world of fine art can take many years or even decades, leaving many talented artists giving up before breaking through.

Artezza was created to help find and bring talented female artists to collaborate with experienced and successful artists that simply want to give back. We are building a community of creativity and beauty through collaborations, while positioning all of our artists into new markets with high value collectors and art buyers. 

Artezza brings exclusive products with additional services to our clients, including curation and interior design to level up luxury residential and commercial environments with unique and beautiful art. We create custom pairings with textiles, rugs and furniture for a truly unique and sensational experience. 


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