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Gabrielle Benot La Jolla Project

La Jolla – Gabrielle benot

This art project for a La Jolla home was completed with contemporary colors, a modern edge, and striking contrast. The ocean view room has been invigorated with vibrant colors of yellow, orange, red, blue, and black to simulate the sunset and reflect the sea. White walls and furniture set off the dominance of the colors, highlighted by black elements for a tasteful aesthetic. This artwork is the perfect finishing touch to add life and energy to this room.

Atlanta – sylvia cohen

This project designed for a home in Atlanta seamlessly combines modern elements with a touch of nature, creating a sophisticated and elegant aesthetic. The Artezza Group, in collaboration with Sylvia Cohen, paid meticulous attention to detail in order to introduce the stunning allure of monochromatic tones to the residence. To enhance the overall visual appeal, the team incorporated gold accents in the form of gold leaf and frames. The project demanded two months of dedicated effort, resulting in a vibrant atmosphere that harmoniously blends contemporary style with the inviting warmth of nature.

A luxury Atlanta home with a custom art work done by artist Sylvia Cohen for Artezza Group
Art Deco painting of a woman done by the artist Jenifer Broomberg. Dark rich hues of green, brown and beige for a Rancho Santa Fe home in collaboration with Artezza Group

rancho santa fe – jenifer broomberg

In Rancho Santa Fe, this distinctive creative endeavor celebrates the timeless charm of art deco compositions, with a particular emphasis on rich, contrasting colors. Collaborating with Jenifer Broomberg, the Artezza Group dedicated themselves to crafting a sumptuous atmosphere overflowing with sophistication and elegance. Strategic use of greens, dark greens, browns, and yellows seamlessly harmonizes with the lush greenery of the surrounding garden, resulting in a luxurious aesthetic blending natural beauty with refined opulence. This remarkable project was completed within a span of five weeks, a testament to the team’s unwavering dedication to delivering impeccable quality.

malibu – gabrielle benot studios

This collaboration between Anna Itskova and Gabrielle Benot Studios is the epitome of modern elegance and rustic charm. Designed specifically for a luxurious house in Malibu, this 3-month project was a perfect blend of house tour, mockups, renditions, and collaborative studio work of the two artists. Focusing on the blues of the ocean, the yellows, reds, and oranges of the glowing sunsets, along with a textural element to the whites, the artists were able to elegantly energize the room in a way that was both edgy and elegant.

A very large abstract painting on a wall of a Malibu house overlooking the ocean. The art is done in red, blue, yellow, green, and a touch of black. Project done in collaboration with Artezza Group and Gabrielle Benot Studios' artists.
A colorful glass sculpture in a New York luxury penthouse, a custom project done by Artezza Group and Gabrielle Benot Studios

new york – gabrielle benot studios

Project: Custom-made Glass Sculpture

Objective: Brighten up the space and tie in all the bright colors of a wall art in a dynamic and natural way. Materials: Colorful glass, copper or steel rods, a mount. Design: The design should incorporate the colors of the wall art, so use of bright and vibrant colors of glass is a must. The piece should be three-dimensional and appears to be moving/floating in the air. Copper or steel rods are to be used to form the structure, and will be connected with curves and angles to create a unique shape. LED lighting should be added to the piece to further enhance its appearance at night. ( option not included ). 

marbella – nivine totayo

A collaborative interior design project between Artezza group and Nivine Totayo for a Marbella Home was created with extraordinary results. The project saw Nivine working to craft a colorful portrait of the homeowner using garden flowers and various shades of blues. Custom rugs and cushions were then crafted to enhance the furniture and complete the modern style. The result is an inviting home combining colorful artistry with a contemporary design. A stunning tapestry of blues, flowers and vibrant colors makes the place a cozy haven for relaxation and entertaining.

A vibrantly decorated Marbella luxury house featuring Nivine Totayo's artwork in collaboration with Artezza Group Curators
three abstractly painted horses running in a stylized manner in mixed media ,by artist Gabrielle Benot

“unrestrained” – gabrielle benot

An abstract horse art piece composed of 3 running horses in a multi-media style full of texture and vivid hues. Main colors of blues, contrasted with yellows, greens, and reds, finished with a weave of earth tones and thick texture for dimension. Perfect for any modern space.

Available for worldwide shipping – $30,000

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